Mr. K Adaptive

Designed for people with lowered mobility or paralysis

Constructed from durable Knit Fabric in solid & printed. Easily washable and dried. Minimal pressing required. Attractive and feminine embroidery detail on solid fabric. Snap closures to allow easy entry and removal for individuals with disabilities or for their caregivers.

Fit designed to be comfortable in strategic areas.

Sizing in SMALL to 3X

Designed for people with lowered mobility or paralysis.

How open back clothing functions
Knit top / Blouses / Dresses

  1. The individual remains in seated or prone position
  2. Caregiver slides arms through sleeve opening from a forward position
  3. Garment is pulled up the arms to the shoulder.
  4. Caregiver wraps or tucks the garment around the back individual and secures it with dome closures on shoulders.
  5. If individual is in a prone position, a rolling motion is needed to secure the garment at the back.
Generous back overlap

Full back opening and Snaps Closure

Make dressing easier