24k Trends


Kovac Industries is proud to present the 24K collection of Women’s Fashions for Spring 2014.

The 24K brand represents exceptional value and taste for the mature Woman, recognizing that each and every Woman’s wardrobe needs are unique to her and reflects her personality and presence.

24K styles are almost all produced in Canada , designed and constructed of comfortable and durable fabrics, standing up to wash and dry rigours.

Our designs are considerate of the design features sought, but not easy to find:

  1. Modest necklines
  2. Ample armholes
  3. Generous sleeve lengths
  4. Appropriate hemlines and inseams

These are the guiding features we incorporate into our garments to dress our “WOMEN“ – without neglecting clean lines and fashion features to make each 24K garment a desired part of your wardrobe.

A 24K garment will be a valued inclusion in your collection.

Our proud history and ongoing pride in our products motivate us to satisfy our customers and provide them with “Fashion for the Ages”.

We look forward to serving you.

John Kovac, President and the 24K Team